In August 2018, I pivoted from my information technology job to a content marketing career. During that November, I launched AutuMedia with an art exhibit dedicated to God and my tribe.

AutuMedia, LLC was established on February 8, 2019. With a proven system, I began executing the strategies to raise brand awareness and recognition, The GLOwUP eXPerience™.

GLOwUP is an acronym for Growth, Liberation, Ownership while Under Pressure. Through our GLOwUP eXPeriences, we support creators by providing tools and resources to innovate, network, and collaborate.

Little did I know that we would experience a global pandemic the following year. Instead of allowing life’s circumstances to deter us from our mission, we shined through. Most people would call it fate, but we call it our Creative Recovery in God’s favor.

Disney said it, but COVID-19 taught us that “”It’s’ a small world after all”.” Through our virtual events, we could connect and collaborate with people from all over the world, from Atlanta to Nigeria, New York to the Carolinas, New Jersey to Vegas, and even Japan.​

We create inspirational media and curate motivational events for creators to feel empowered when experiencing discouragement.

Our mission is to encourage growth, liberation, and ownership while overcoming life’s adversity and oppression. My experiences with performing arts and STEM research have sparked a passion for combining both genres into a meaningful STEAM career.

Watch videos of our 2019 – Present LIVE GLOwUP eXPeriences on our YouTube Channel.

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