Launch a Strategic Multichannel Digital Campaign in 6 Weeks!

Let’s admit it!

Social Media is great, but we can take advantage of many digital channels online and offline as creators.

This course will help you persuade your audience to take actions aligned with your marketing goals.

LYT Talk Course 1, Digitals Channels, will help you launch a strategic multichannel digital campaign in 6 weeks. Complete the form below to receive LYT Talk course updates.

LYT Talk Course 1

Classes begin in 2023, but in the meantime, check out the lesson topics below for additional information.

WEEK 1: What are Digital Channels?

Learn how to persuade people to take action using proven step-by-step methods.

Our first lesson is to understand channels and how to use them to our advantage.

WEEK 2: Developing Effective Messages

Let’s deep dive into each C and highlight brands with effective messages.

Our second lesson is to develop an effective message using the 5 Cs of Communication.

WEEK 3: Identifying Relevant People

Now that you followed the 5 Cs to create your brand message, it’s time to share it with relevant people.

Our third lesson is identifying who to share your brand message with targeting and customer segmentation.

WEEK 4: Taking Advantage of Automated Schedules

We developed effective messages and identified with whom to share them, so the next step is finding the right time.

Our fourth lesson is about learning automated schedules and creating SMART Goals.

WEEK 5: Identifying the Best Fit Channel(s)

We developed effective messages and identified with whom to share them at the right time.

Let’s identify two best-fit digital channels.

WEEK 6: Getting Started

You developed an effective message to share with relevant people at the right time through the best-fit channel.

Our final lesson is How to Get Started on your digital multichannel campaign.

The best advice on how to get started is to get started. I hope these five quotes inspire you as you complete your final assignment in this course.

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