STEPN to the Future of Commerce, LYT Tribe!

AutuMedia LYT House™ is adamant about creators joining Web3 communities and regaining monetization power from big brands. Our communities can partner together on collaborative projects with a purpose. We can learn from the big brands’ case studies.

People are more conscious about their overall health and wellness. Learn how STEPN’s partnership with ASICS and Solana bridges the Web3 payment gap.

Asics is a popular Japanese sportswear company with forward-thinking technology. STEPN is a popular move-to-earn mobile application that incentivizes users to be more active.

Currently, I use the Samsung Health app to track my health and compete in challenges with people worldwide. The rewards are experience points and completion badges.

STEPN native cryptocurrency is SOL on the Solana blockchain. It’s ironic because SOL sounds like the sole of a sneaker. I’m sure that is different from why they preferred the Solana blockchain. Most consumers need to be made aware of and adjusted to Web3 infrastructure. On November 4th, I created my STEPN account.

Solana Pay promises that anyone can build on or transact with Solana Pay. Making it easier for those who are familiar with Web3.

Send money at the speed and cost of sending data across the Internet. Solana Pay bridges the Web2-to-Web3 gap. Offering a new form of sending and receiving payment.

Coming soon is a new feature for renting these sneakers. That’s something we don’t do in the physical world. 

Have you ever rented a sneaker? I’ve never; I wonder if this will change the game. 

Because, like, say, if someone wants to go to a Token Gated Event and can’t afford to buy the shoe, they can rent it for the night without having to spend beyond their budget. 

You don’t get to keep the sneakers, but you experience everything the event offers until your rental expires.

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